The former pastor, Michael, who retired in June 2023, has had three books published, all by Wipf and Stock. They can be obtained through Wipf and Stock – simply google the name Michael Hooton and the titles you’re interested in – in book or kindle form; or use the “Contact us” page on this site.


We are all familiar with the stories of what happened at the first Christmas and Easter – or are we? The Crib, the Cross and the Crown strips away the wrapping-paper of tradition and folk-lore from the stories of the birth and death of Jesus Christ, and takes a fresh look at what the Gospels themselves say. It describes the real Jesus of the New Testament, and reflects on the ways in which the recurring themes in his story can shape our own lives and faith.

“From Haydn to Harry Potter, Michael Hooton uses every possible illustration to bring new ways of grasping the Good News of salvation in Christ. His writing is intellectually accessible and credible, and spiritually satisfying. It seems as if this small but comprehensive book has surveyed the whole Gospel, and the whole of discipleship, through the lens of the Biblical narratives of Jesus’ birth, death and resurrection.”   (From the foreword by Dianne Tidball, former President of the Baptist Union of Great Britain)


The four Gospels are the only books in the Bible to tell the same story from four different angles. Together, they show us not only what Jesus was like and how he lived, but how his life can become the model for our own. Four Gospels, One Christ offers an overview of the three years of Jesus’ public ministry – what he did and how he did it – as seen through the eyes of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. And by exploring the themes that run through the four Gospels, it invites us to reflect on what it really means to “follow Jesus.”

“At a time when many make superficial claims about the character and teaching of Christ and use their ‘straw men’ as the model of Christianity, Hooton invites the reader to consider again the real substance of this character and teaching by revisiting the Gospels that reveal the real Jesus so we can follow with confidence, knowing the journey will be life-changing.”  (Phil Hills, Chief Executive of Teen Challenge UK and Vice President of Global Teen Challenge)


Tracing the family tree of the modern church back to the early Christian centuries, The Extended Family explains how and why the various Christian denominations arose. It outlines the distinctive beliefs, traditions, practices, and values of the many church families in modern Britain, what they have in common, and where they have either disagreed or agreed to differ. It also examines the vital question: whether any of the differences between the churches should still matter today.

“Michael Hooton has given us an encyclopedic guide to the origins, theologies, practices and cultures of that astonishing phenomenon we call the Christian church. Whether you regard the church’s diversity as a marked weakness or an unrivalled strength, this book cannot fail to inform and enlighten you.” (Nigel Wright, Principal Emeritus, Spurgeon’s College, London)