Meet the church leaders


The church has two full-time pastors:

Michael Hooton, the senior pastor. Michael’s main ministry is Bible teaching and preaching, which is an important part of our life as a church. His summary of his own role is: “People sometimes say that ‘I bring the Bible to life’. I don’t! The Bible doesn’t need bringing to life: it isn’t dead! I just try and help people to see how alive the Bible really is – and how alive we can become the deeper we dig into it.” Michael can be contacted with any questions or concerns about the spiritual life of the church or its activities, or with any questions about the Bible or Christian faith: see the “Contact us” page of this site.


Michael has written a few books about Jesus and Christian life: see the “Publications” page of this site for details.


Adam Corns, the assistant pastor. Adam oversees the church’s outreach ministries, and is particularly involved with nurturing newer Christians; he has a great enthusiasm for helping others to come to faith and to grow in faith.


Biblical point of interest…


For those unfamiliar with the different words used for the leaders of churches, “pastor” is the word used in the New Testament for the spiritual leaders of churches; it means literally “shepherd”, and derives from the image of the church as the flock of God’s “sheep”. Some branches of the church use other words for pastors; in particular, the Church of England uses the term “vicar”, and many churches use the general word “minister”. We prefer to use the term “pastor” because it is the word used in the Bible: see for example Acts 20:28, Ephesians 4:11, 1 Peter 5:2.